ASC Therapeutics has decades of combined experience in developing and improving gene editing and stem cell technologies. We are a flock of dedicated scientists, with strong belief in gene and cell therapy, the future for treating intractable diseases.




ASC Therapeutics is part of the team that has devoted more than ten years in improving gene editing and stem cell technologies.

Dr. Ruhong Jiang
Dr. Ruhong Jiang

Dr. Ruhong Jiang, PhD
Co-founder, President
and CEO

  • 20+ years of product development and management experience
  • Launched one of the first personalized medicine diagnostic products, FamilionTM
  • Former GM of MicuRx Pharmaceuticals (Great China region)
  • Director, Pharmacogenomics, Stanford Research Institute International
Dr. Ruby Yanru Chen-Tsai

Dr. Ruby Yanru Chen-Tsai, PhD
Co-Founder, CSO and
SVP of R&D

  • 20+years of experience in stem cells and genetic disease models
  • Co-inventor of the TARGATTTM technology
  • Former Director of the Transgenic Research Center and Associate Director of the Stanford Cancer Institute
  • 50+ Publications
Dr. Michael Clearly

Dr. Michael Cleary, MD.
Co-founder / Associate Chair,
Dept of Pathology, Stanford University

  • 30+ years of experience in chromosomal translocations in human leukemias
  • Associate Chair for Experimental Pathology, Stanford University School of Medicine and Director of Pediatric Cancer Biology
  • Cancer Stem Cell Research Experience