ASC Therapeutics is “here to cure”.



ASC Therapeutics is a division of Applied StemCell, Inc. which focuses on the development of curative therapeutic products that are enabled by its proprietary gene editing platform, TARGATT™ and other gene editing technologies. The company’s therapeutic development pipeline includes several preclinical stage projects focusing on several monogenic blood disorders.



Vision: To provide cures to patients with intractable diseases through innovative technologies and therapeutics that are both groundbreaking and safe

Mission: ASC Therapeutics strives to discover, develop, and deliver gene and cell treatments to cure intractable and emerging diseases.

DNA: Our diverse team has decades of experience in cutting edge stem-cell and gene therapy research. Together we strive to be innovators to provide platforms to revolutionize the way diseases are treated. We are devoted to find solutions for unmet medical needs and passionate about applying our new technologies to change people’s lives for the better. We hope to help patients lead healthier, more hopeful, and happier lives.